Gift Request

Gift Request

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Do you have a birthday, holiday, or other special day coming up soon?  

Ask for the 1-Year Silk+ Bundle as a gift (AKA "Silk+ Podcast Gift Bundle" or "1-Year Silk+ Membership").

You can use my template form below to request your gift (via email may be easiest). 

Do feel free to add some love and warmth to my dry template.

Dear _________________ I have an idea for a gift you may give me.

I would like the "Silk+ Podcast Gift Bundle".

You can go here to purchase it for me:

This would allow me to enjoy my favorite Premium Podcasts for a full year!

You will need this info when you purchase it for me:

Enter this as my name:_______________________

Enter this as my email:_______________________

My preferred date to receive this is:________________________

Thank you!

After that lovely person purchases your gift, you will receive an email with a link to activate your gift.

Once you get your gift, go to the [Access & FAQ] page if you have any questions about how to access your new podcasts.

I hope this is helpful.  Harris  : )

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